Mixed Medley Mixed Medley

Mixed Medley

Drew has recently moved over from Melbourne and is establishing himself as a photographer here in London, assisting some of the capital’s best fashion and portrait photographers, including internationally-acclaimed shooters such as Sven Jacobsen and Marius Hansen.

A current work-in-progress, and something that will evolve in presentation as I continue to work through his needs with him; this simple logotype is designed to work in a variety of different configurations over his photos and on more traditional flat backgrounds.

The identity, rendered in Gotham, features an amended double-W that connects first and second name together. This mark acts as a monogram that can be used on its own to stamp photos and also allows some interesting options in cutting two shots from the same shoot together to create subtle stamps through the photography.

Editorial layout for Hope St Magazine story Mixed Medley.
Design & Layout: Tim Jarvis
Photography: Drew Wheeler
Styling: Issie Gibbons
Model: Izzy @ Premier
Hair: Piera Berdicchia
Makeup: Poppy France